. Representation in lawsuits in all levels of the Brazilian courts;

· Representation in arbitration proceedings at the arbitra­tion institutions of Brazil and abroad, including the Center of Arbitration of the Brazil – Canada Chamber of Com­merce (CCBC), the Chamber of Business Arbitration – Brazil (CAMARB), the Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration of São Paulo (CMA-CIESP), the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration, the Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration of the Commercial Association of Paraná (ARBITAC), the Internacional Court of Arbitration (ICC) and the Internacional Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR);

· Advice on and participation in Dispute Resolution Boards (DRB) and in other non-adversarial proceedings of conflict resolution.




·Advice on contracts of purchase and sale of merchandise, distribution, supply and commercial representation and franchise;

.Contractual structuring, guarantee instruments, negotiation of commercial issues;

· Representation in disputes involving contractual matter.



. Performance in infrastructure projects, including modelling of public-private partnerships;

. Negotiation and structuring of engineering contracts, including EPC and turn-key modalities;

. Representation in judicial and arbitration proceedings related to infrastructure and construction issues;

. Follow-up of Dispute Resolution Committees (“DRB”) and other non-adversarial methods of conflict resolution;

. Elaboration of claims arising from construction contracts with public and private entities.



·Representation in winding-up processes of financial institutions, bankruptcies and reorganization;

. Assistance in plans of economic restructuring;

. Assistance in debt restructuring;

.Representation in insolvency-related matters;

.Work as bankruptcy trustee of bankruptcy estates and companies subject to court-supervised reorganization.



. Work in matters related to the conservation of family estates and their transmission to future generations;

. Advice on structuring estate planning, assessment of tax impacts and formation of family holding companies;

. Preparation and review of wills, representation in probate process, advice on distribution of assets, representation in settlement of assets in separation and divorce proceedings.



.Advice on immigration law and work permits for foreign nationals;

.Representation via-à-vis government authorities for the legalization of foreign nationals;

.Representation in administrative cases and lawsuits related to immigration matters.



.Assistance in contracting licensing, technology transfer and technical assistance;

.Internet business modeling, e-commerce and franchising;

.Registration of contracts for the transfer of technology, trademarks, patents and industrial designs to the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI;

.Representation in judicial, arbitration and administrative proceedings related to the infringement of intellectual property rights.



· Advice on commercial contracts between Brazilian and foreign parties, such as sale of goods and services, com­mercial agency, joint ventures and foreign investment;

· Advice on matters related to contractual obligations, taxes, internacional transportation, mechanisms of internacional payment, collection of debts and customs’ mat­ters;

· Representation in disputes arising out of contracts involving Brazilian and foreign parties, in Brazil and abroad.



Consultative Ambit:

. Analysis, preparation and modification of employment contracts;

. Conducting of labor audits (due diligence), aiming to identify hidden liabilities and rectify procedures;

. Assistance in negotiations and elaborations of collective agreements with Trade Unions;

. Preparation of opinions on controversial labor issues;

. Consultative assistance in routine procedures on Human Resources issues;

. Legal counsel on outsourcing procedures;

. Guidelines for drawing up job and salary plans;

. Assistance in the preparation of Variable Remuneration plans, such as profit sharing and stock options.


Administrative and Judicial Contentious:

. Elaboration of defenses and manifestations in filings of the Regional Labor Management and Labor Department of Justice;

. Prosecute of public civil actions, civil investigations and annulment claims of infraction notices;

. Defense in individual labor claims;

. Representation in collective bargaining and compliance.



.Representation in judicial proceedings in all instances of the Judiciary;

.Strategic litigation;

.Emergency care;

.Advising legal departments in the management of legal and administrative litigation (compliance) proceedings, as well as due diligence.



.Incorporation of companies, preparation of contracts and bylaws, shareholders’ agreements, minutes of meeting of members, councils and general assemblies;

.Preparation of documents related to the purchase and sale of equity interests;

.Incorporation, spin-off and merger of companies;

.Legal auditing (due diligence) in corporate reorganization processes, joint ventures and acquisition of control of companies;

.Processes for opening and closing companies’ capital, procedures with the stock exchanges and the Securities and Exchange Commission;

.Advice to shareholders or quotaholders on corporate issues, including representation at meetings of shareholders and general meetings of companies;

.Judicial or extrajudicial dissolution of companies;

.Assistance in the formation of joint ventures in Brazil and abroad;

.Structuring of association agreements for public and private enterprises (electricity, telecommunications, industrial projects and real estate development);

.Filing of constitutive acts of companies and follow-up of administrative proceedings before the Trade Registry;

.Registration of foreign investment with the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN);

.Preparation of documents related to the purchase and sale of equity interests;

.Incorporation, spin-off and merger of companies.




. Representation before the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM), Ministry of Mines and Energy and other administrative bodies;

. Administrative and judicial defenses in mining and steel-related matters;

. Structuring of mining and steel enterprises;

. Legal advice on mergers and acquisitions involving mining assets;

. Legal audit (due diligence) to evaluate the regularity and identification of risks in mining titles;

. Advising on obtaining research permits and mining authorizations;

. Advice on the negotiation and elaboration of contracts related to mining rights;

. Advisory in negotiations involving land rights;

. Advice on transactions related to the steel and mining sector, such as long-term supply, export and import contracts;

. Monitoring of applications for registration and obtaining permits from environmental control bodies necessary for the implementation of industrial, forestry and real estate projects;

. Advice on environmental impact issues arising from business activities;

. Conduct legal audit in environmental matters;

. Representation in administrative and judicial processes in the municipal, state and federal spheres related to environmental issues;

. Audit of environmental legal compliance.





.Preparation of bidding documents and bidding documents and follow-up of respective procedures;

.Elaboration of administrative appeals and judicial measures related to the bidding procedures;

.Advice to companies on the preparation of documents for participation in tender procedures.




. Legal structuring of urban development projects, such as subdivisions, shopping malls, hotels and buildings, and licensing with public authorities;

. Verification of documentary regularity of ownership and of existing liens;

. Advising in the acquisition and sale of real estate, rental of urban real estate and rural lease;

. Land regularization in industrial projects.



. Tax planning and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings;

. Tax structuring in mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations;

. Interposition of administrative appeals against tax launches;

. Preparation of opinions related to tax legislation;

. Advising to obtain special tax regimes;

. Legal actions aiming at the protection of taxpayers against acts of the tax administration.


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